Fondazione Renzo Piano

a ten-year work

The foundation established by Renzo Piano commissioned Bellissimo the graphics for the report on its first ten years of activity.

This is the second occasion, following the project for the magazine Periferie, to collaborate with the architect's team.

A studio where to put young architects to work. An archive containing Piano's work, open to students and classes.

The foundation of Punta Nave (Genoa) was established in 2004 to convey Piano's experience to the next generation of designers, and promote his views through education, exhibitions and published works.

In the document edited by Bellissimo, the main stages of this commitment are presented page after page with essential and deliberately light graphics, enhancing the text and the images.

This is our second collaboration with the group of the architect (and senator) after the art direction and the editing of Periferie, the magazine issued in November with Il Sole 24 Ore, describing Piano's commitment in the cities of Italy.

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