Fondazione per l'Architettura / Torino

a project for those who design 

For greater openness, clarity and strength. Bellissimo accompanies Turin’s architecture institutions in a brave (and heartfelt) change in communication — which we also tell about in a video interview.

The Ordine degli architetti PPC, the Association of Architects of the province of Turin (OAT) and its Foundation are the references for the design community in the area.

Their need to communicate more incisively, even in the face of a category crisis, has forced the two companies to rethink their image towards subscribers and the public.

A "rebranding" to be more accredited, through the clarification of the association’s missions, both, a professional body and Foundation, born instead with a cultural purpose.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini has traced the new brand strategy and the "double restyling" by using his customary method. In this case with an even more direct involvement, given the common passion for architecture and the relevance of the Order and the Foundation for our city.

Starting from the series of interviews, Bellissimo proposed to the two directories some precise indications on the objectives, the style, the key contents for their communication.

At the heart of our consultancy is the proposal of a system of complementary values and messages, through which the Order and the Foundation distinguish specific values, roles and messages — while both serving a common goal: generating growth for architects.

Among the accepted proposals, there is also the one based on the intuition of intervening on the very Foundation’s name — often confused between Fondazione Ordine Architetti Torino, Fondazione OAT, FOAT— in favour of the more immediate Fondazione per l’Architettura/Torino (Foundation for Architecture / Turin), which is immediately able to declare its mission.

The visual identities designed by Bellissimo have the same function: distinguishing and strengthening the different personalities of the two institutions — also through two original
and not immediate signs of strong impact.

The logo of Ordine Architetti Torino contrasts the word Ordine (association), in marked lettering, with the irregularity of an unexpected and "tense" symbol that tells the various professions together: the lines of architecture, those of the landscape and the territory.

The visual fully expresses its potential in the many graphic variants with which it is possible to apply it on publications and  communication tools, as shown by an in-depth Brand Book.

The Fondazione per l’Architettura/Torino’s logo proposes an unconventional breakdown of the word "Architecture": the word is itself an architectural construction, in which letters should be considered as individual elements — not stuck in the preconceptions of traditional hyphenation.

The result is baffling. It reflects the ambition of the Foundation, and the open and innovative attitude of those who want to act beyond custom to show that harmony can also arise from an apparently disharmonic idea.

Ordine and Fondazione presented their new visual identity to the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation (here the project for their first logo) on December 10, 2015, together with a six-panel exhibition that told the path taken.

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