FC General Contractor

constructing a brand

Building becomes a communication space. Bellissimo is in charge of FC General Contractor’s branding, visual identity, and of telling its story on social media.

The agency also worked together with FC General Contractor on the event at Nastrificio 271’s building site.

FC General Contractor develops spaces: renovations, new buildings, and interior design for homes, offices and retail.

Still comprised in the Ferreri Group, the company was established in 2019 from Ferreri Costruzioni’s experience and distinguishes itself by its contemporary approach and commitment as a general contractor.

A common practice in Britain, yet a relatively new thing in Italy, choosing a general contractor is equivalent to entrusting the work to a single company, which follows each phase of the project to ensure greater coordination and optimise time and resources.

The company turned to Bellissimo to undertake a process of visual and verbal definition of its brand identity, reinforcing the brand and conveying the deeper meaning of building: raising the quality of life through organisation and care.

The firm followed its usual process, starting with an analysis and consultation phase to identify the strengths of the company.

In defining the brand values that most distinguish FC General Contractor, the emphasis has been placed on modern architecture and innovation, dynamism and efficiency, and work quality.

The concept of a "contemporary building site" becomes central to the brand's narrative, a path in which the criticalities usually associated with construction (and which make it a troublesome activity in the common perception) are reduced by the seriousness and rhythm impressed by a general contractor company such as FC.

The agency applied the same value system to the visual identity, starting with the new logotype, which maintains a link with the Group in the form of the 'effe-tect'.

The FC monogram now features a clean, essential design. The new circle enclosing it as a symbol of guarantee gives it even more incisiveness. In terms of colour, the choice of just two bold colours (bright orange and pure black) enhances the brand's determination.

As social media manager, Bellissimo manages strategy, content generation, and administration for Instagram which has become FC General Contractor's primary communication channel.

The profile is characterised by a strong editorial structure: a "construction site storytelling", in the form of posts, Reels or Stories, which retrace all the construction phases and give a creative and informative interpretation of the construction work.

From the work to the final project, FC General Contractor's communication reflects the dynamism and quality-conscious construction method. It also helps Bellissimo to deepen its historic connection with design, architecture and the built environment.

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