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Secolo Urbano and Bellissimo produced #Expottimisti, a practical guide to the Universal Exposition of Milan. An istant book addressed to those who wish to know more about the event and to every company that aspires to earn from it.

#Expottimisti contains everything you should know about the Expo 2015: what it is, which opportunities Expo 2015 is creating for businesses, associations and citizens, plus a list of reasons to be optimistic about the event success.

Less than one year before its inauguration, Bellissimo and Secolo Urbano realised a compendium for Expo 2015 in preparation of the event.

The book was written by Giacomo Biraghi, Alvise De Sanctis and Luca Ballarini, the three co-founders of the urban consulting group, and was published in e-book format by Wired Italia.

Since October 2014, it has also been available for free download through the website expottimisti.it.

A few days before the opening of Expo 2015, the guide was also translated into English to provide interested foreigners visiting Expo with a unique and different informative tool.

#Expottimisti is a collection of useful information, company data and effective means to transform Expo into an opportunity for development.

The book, eighty pages of written content and infographics, runs through the evolution of Expo throughout history and the reasons for its success, as well as its economic effects (+23.6 million in the next few years), the attendance expected (20 million people) and the main attractions hosted by the international theme park.

This instant book also lists a good number of reasons for being optimistic about the event as well as all the common misconceptions over Expo, from its delay to it being considered a trade fair.

The book was born from the experience of Giacomo Biraghi and Alvise De Sanctis as coordinators of the Expo 2015 Thematic Tables for the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, the programme of meetings that aims at putting start-ups and local initiatives in connection with Expo 2015’s public and private partners.

Bellissimo realised the well-finished and experimental publishing project, seeing to its editing, the infographics as well as the visuals that introduce the six chapters of this fast-reading instant book.

The first occasion to find and receive a hard copy was the event held on Monday, 9th June at the Expo Gate in Milan. On Tuesday, 1st July, the authors presented #Expottimisti to companies based in Turin in a meeting organised with Unioncamere Piemonte.

The printed version was realised thanks to Bellissimo’s partnership with Arjowiggins Creative Papers and Officine Poligrafiche MCL di Torino.

The book was published as an e-book by Wired Italy in July 2014.

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