Expo Milano 2015

high visibility details

Bellissimo worked alongside Expo 2015 for developing the exposition’s promotion tools. Among these, a special one: the official passport of the event.

Our studio was awarded the tender for providing graphic design and copywriting services to Expo S.p.A., and producing the materials related to its various communication and marketing activities: fairs, ticketing, school projects, merchandising, and so on.

Bellissimo’s most visible project was the Expo Milano 2015 passport, the most popular souvenir of the event.

Traditionally, since Expo Montreal 1967, all World Fairs offer among their souvenirs their official "passport", a replica of a real passport for visitors to stamp in the various pavilions – find out more in this article about the passport’s history.

In addition to being a collector's item and good fun for those who try to collect the stamps of all the participating countries, the passport is the Expo souvenir that hundreds of thousands of tourists will treasure over time.

The Expo 2015 passport was entirely designed by the studio and emulates the graphics and typographic details of a real document.

Each of its 24 pages has a different background, in which the Expo logo and the exposition site plant are alternated on patterns and colours reproducing the effect of a watermark.

The typography details replicate an Italian passport in character size, writings’ position and page numbers, completing the item with a fake perforated stamped code at the top of each page.

The rough cover shows the hypothetical coat of arms of this imaginary country: the "X Zero" of the Expo logo, hot-stamped with silver foil, which also appears inside, as an authenticity seal hologram.

Each passport was thread-bound in one of the five Expo colours and was given a single serial number. Some special editions were also produced for authorities and public figures.

Sold in the official Excelsior store, the passport was immediately a success among visitors and in the social media and requested a reprint of three hundred thousand copies.

The other communication tools we produced: maps and other school material, and the graphics installations for the Expo stands at the 2015 BIT in Milan (International Tourism Fair).

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