The Matter Implodes in Medium

keyboards, fax, sheaves

At ExperimentaDesign 2005 Bellissimo presented a video that superimposes sequences of nature and professional imagination. Several visions of voluntary disorientation, to reflect on how media influences our working environment.

ExperimentaDesign is currently the most influential design event worldwide. Less known among the attendees of bigger trade fairs like the Salone of Milan, this less market-oriented event was conceived for designers. In 2005, its theme was "The Medium is the Matter".

After its debut in 2003, Bellissimo was back in Lisbon to present "The Matter implodes in Medium", the video installation conceived and produced by Bellissimo.

The sequences entwine nature and work: sheaves, woods, snow and lake Orta were the background of faxes, emails and typed messages. Office scenography, a designers’ source of sensory overload where media influence one another. Each tool has a meaning that mutates when put out of context. Stories of disorientation.

The Biennale was oriented towards the personal experience of each designer, but the project took a step further. Was there a risk of self-reference?  The video installation attracted an enthusiastic crowd, ensuring the success of the event.

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