order and hierarchy

Bellissimo collaborated as consultant in strategic positioning and brand communication with Eurogroup, a group of firms which offer to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises a range of products aimed at their development.

The branding research and analysis led to a detailed exploration of the brand values, the positioning and the mission statement that will guide Eurogroup for the next 10 years.

The results were presented together with a report on the current strengths, weakness and opportunities of the brand, in addition to two logo proposals (a conservative and an innovative one) and a brand architecture study.

Eurogroup brings together three companies involved in the consultancy and financing guarantee industry: Eurofidi, leading Italian CGC, Eurocons and Euroenergy.

In 2013, the company commissioned Bellissimo to carry out a brand communication research, with a view to its corporate reorganisation.

The branding research and analysis absorbed the studio for over two months, and involved eighteen employees of the company, who were interviewed on Eurogroup’s identity and goals: from the manager to the executives, from the historical figures to the market managers operating in the Italian branches.

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