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esterni chooses to renew its brand communication after more than 20 years of projects. Bellissimo had the task of expressing the evolution of a group that is a reference in place making in Italy.

Based in Milan, the cultural enterprise esterni deals with designing, activating and managing places, with the aim of giving new value to architecture and social heritage.

The group is known for virtuous projects such as the recovery of Cascina Cuccagna and BASE Milano, realised with other partners, and for the Milano Film Festival.

Born in 1995 by a group of friends, after more than two decades of commitment, esterni chose to strengthen its brand communication and renew its promise to face a radically changing professional scenario.

The collaboration with Bellissimo began from the brand identity, according to the branding method of our studio, through which we redefined the distinctive attributes of the company.

The restyling of the logo was the first practical step in the project. Restyling involved the symbol, the font and the colours, in order to express greater authority but be flexible enough to be used in many different initiatives.

The new website,, now fully expresses this new identity. A complete revision of visual and textual contents achieves direct, clear and organised brand communication.

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