Eraclea and Whittington

the taste of creativity

The historic brands Eraclea and Whittington launch a new press campaign. It is the beginning of the collaboration with Bellissimo.

Eraclea and Whittington present "The magic of taste in your hands". Bellissimo took care of the art direction of the whole project, focusing on the Look & Feel of the subjects through meticulous styling.

Intended for industry magazines, the campaign is the first step in a general renewal of the image of Eraclea and Whittington, two brands that are part of the Lavazza group.

The path will enhance the traditional strengths of brands, but will mark a change for the new in its communication.

Eraclea and Whittington’s choice to work with Bellissimo is linked to the great harmony between the needs of the brands and the quality of the studio - Bellissimo and Lavazza have worked together for a long time on various communication and graphic design projects.

"We have chosen to work with a studio that stands out for its creativity and quickness, familiari with the development of new brands", explains Maurizio Cozzolino, Italy Country Manager for Lavazza. "We want to remember where we started from and, above all, where we are going".

The campaign concept aims to enhance the richness of Eraclea and Whittington’s offer, the selected ingredients blended in unique recipes, the attention to detail and wide range of tastes.

To stand out from traditional print campaigns, our studio has will tell stories of excellence, putting the product in the hands of those who prepare it: the barman.

The idea of "magic of taste" expresses the union between great quality and ease of preparation, without forgetting the fundamental role of the barista, an expertise increasingly appreciated by consumers —the magic is "in his hands".

The story of Eraclea and Whittington will develop along four different subjects, by season and by type of products. Each subject is accompanied by an editorial article dedicated to the brand’s ambassadors, starting with cake designer Renato Ardovino.

In April 2019, Eraclea introduced two new items to the campaign: ginseng coffee and cold creams.

The arrival of summer is conveyed through enhanced lighting in the finest possible settings: a contemporary setting for the creams and a more traditional one for the ginseng.

A new element compared to the winter items: the shots include views of the machines supplied by Eraclea to enable barmen to prepare these top quality products with greater ease.

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