Effetto Piemonte

regional visioning

Bellissimo curated the creative direction and the visual and graphic design of the new book produced by Torino Stratosferica

“Effetto Piemonte” is a future-oriented research study and vision, reflecting on the positioning of the Region – from a competitive standpoint and as regards its common image.
Here you can find the digital version

The project, managed by the Turin-based cultural association Torino Stratosferica, originated from a joint project with Hangar Piemonte and DMO Piemonte Marketing.

The shared aim is to extend the experimental method used by Torino Stratosferica to the whole region, to provide a summary image and perspective of the area, launching new creative ideas for cultural and tourist enterprises.

The project involved more than sixty players from the cultural, creative and manufacturing world from various areas in Piedmont.

The material gathered through group visioning sessions and individual interviews went to create a 100-page volume filled with imagination, ideas and stories, projects and provocative comments, symbols and visual experiments.

Its pages provide ample space for content and reflections covering a range of aspects: the story of intrinsic Piedmontese creativity and its symbols, the visions of future scenarios through down-to-earth and Utopian ideas, an experiment in regional branding with a proposal of seven values for positioning the Region.

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