Drive-in Doha

find yourself in qatar 

The new meeting place in Doha has an urban image designed by Bellissimo.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini has had more than a few experiences in the Gulf area thanks to CELS - Customer Engagement Loyalty Solutions, a company that the firm has been accompanying in its activities for cultural centers and large malls.

In this case CELS has entrusted us with the visual identity of its project for greater visibility: a contemporary drive-in, with a varied program of not only screenings, but live shows, sporting events, concerts.

Opening soon, the entire space will be known for the "urban" style: from the choice of having containers for food and drink stands, to the furnishing of the rooms, where wood and metal will be the predominant materials.

To highlight the idea of an open construction site in continuous development, the logo takes up the classic forms of the imaginary street: large full shapes, designed so that they can be replicated through stencils.

Yellow and black reinforce this vision of an innovative leisure center for the Doha context.

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