Distretti del Commercio del Piemonte

a territory in symbols

Seventy-seven districts, a unified visual system. Bellissimo works on the launch of the network of “neighbourhood brands” spread across the region.

The Districts of Commerce are a management and communication tool that municipalities and trade associations of Piedmont can use for promoting local commercial activities and typical businesses.

Bellissimo responded to the tender, launched by VisitPiemonte, for the brand identity of the districts' network promoted and financed by Regione Piemonte between 2020 and 2021.

The tender called for a logo for the overall initiative to derive a series of logos for the 77 Urban or Diffuse Districts set up. Hence the start of one of the studio's most extensive and widespread public communication projects.

The project regards the districts as guarantors of quality and a sign of belonging for the public. Hence the idea — effective in its simplicity — of a circular seal to display a traditional coat of arms or distinctive symbols stylised with a contemporary visual language.

All individual entities feature the same structure. Over about three months, each district representative contacted the studio to suggest or discuss the subjects to create for their symbol.

Some districts chose to reinterpret the local heraldic signs; others preferred subjects identifying the territory: monuments, elements of the landscape, freestanding symbols. In a minority of cases, emblems or logos were already present and only needed to be adapted.

Week by week, an increasingly wide range of architectures, sceneries and typical products came to life — an ideal tribute to Piedmont's natural and cultural variety and richness.

The uniform graphic style ensures overall coherence by creating a single, vibrant and colourful imagery.

Overall, the Region's initiative involves more than 500 municipalities in Piedmont, almost one in two. From the official handover in March 2022, the "neighborhood hubs" in the area will be able to use the brand in their activities.

As the promoters intended, Bellissimo's project allows expressing the peculiarities and differences of each district while ensuring a consistent approach and all-around recognisability — a sign of the effort of the “system” in competing with the large-scale distribution.

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