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Bellissimo designed the visual identity and installations for “NOW!”, a program of meetings organised by DIH Bergamo to explore the opportunities of digitalisation.

Digital Innovation Hub Bergamo is the association founded by Confindustria Bergamo, DIH Lombardia, Kilometro Rosso, UBI Banca and the University of Bergamo to raise the level of knowledge about opportunities offered by digital transformation.

One of the many projects promoted by DIH Bergamo to assist small and medium-size businesses in finding their way through the maze of new technologies, is “NOW! #innovazionepresente”, a cycle of meetings scheduled at the headquarters of various local companies between May and September 2019. 

The rich calendar includes talks, pitches and meetings with representatives from successful businesses used today as case studies in various sectors: retail, the platform economy, education and mechatronics.

As the creative partner, Bellissimo designed the logo and the visual identity of the event, and adapted it as appropriate on all communication materials and office installations.

Inspired by the imagery of video games, the graphic concept invites us to consider digital technology as something accessible and intuitive.
The slogan “It's time to join the fray” enriches the message adding urgency to the need to act now to maximize the benefits.

Our study also looked after the involvement of Remidi, a digital startup between Italy and the USA that produces an innovative “wearable device”: the first glove that turns the hand of musicians into a musical instrument.

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