Decisio Italia

making one’s way

The Italian branch of Decisio, the Dutch mobility company, provided itself with its own visual identity and it is up to Bellissimo to design it.

Decisio is a Dutch company conducting research and providing consulting services in the realm of territorial and mobility policies.

Active in Italy for several years now, it is based in Turin but operates in numerous Italian regions to export the European approach. "Dutch mobility in Italy" is how they propose their strategy to public institutions and other entities.

Bellissimo has collaborated with “Decisio” in a number of occasions, starting with the brand Collego for the town of Collegno, the working group for the Programma Regionale della Mobilità Ciclistica (the Regional Cycling Mobility Programme), to San Donato Milanese — which were opportunities which have allowed us to make us more knowledgeable in a key subject for social welfare and environmental sustainability.

With its progressive development, Decisio Italia has manifested, more clearly than its parent company has, the need to communicate with a distinctive visual identity and an immediate and intuitive language.

To do this, they turned to Bellissimo, already a partner in many projects. Our studio has worked from the existing logotype, focusing first and foremost on the colour scheme and integrating a vibrant, contemporary palette with the company's flagship colours.

The corporate image also introduces a set of recognition signs, intended for the various, more or less technical, documents produced by the company - namely reports, presentations, project boards: material which sometimes fails to aptly communicate visually their great relevance.

The visual language consists of essential lines and geometric forms, which synthetise the world of mobility: dots, lines, dashes create roads, cycling paths, routes, urban and social networks and offer versatile elements for different uses, such as graphics and infographics.

The system of elements combines, superimposes and gives movement: it animates the documents - almost as if to depict that sense of lively urbanity - the ultimate horizon of those who work in this sector.

Among the various clients, Decisio Italia has proved to be yet another virtuous example of a technical company that, in a similar way to Cantene, chooses to invest in communication to increase the added value of its research and consultancy activities.

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