Comune di Verona - S.T.E.P.S

step by step

The Municipality of Verona wins a European Union call for proposals and commits to a three-year citizenship programme. Bellissimo was hired by the municipality to handle branding as well as numerous communication tools.

S.T.E.P.S. stands for “Shared Time Enhances People Solidarity ” and was conceived within the framework of the European initiative, Urban Innovative Action.

It aims at improving the quality of life in Verona’s third district, by creating solidarity opportunities and culture to reduce the social consequences of loneliness.

The project carries out "neighbourliness" actions in a systemic vision: from the regeneration of green areas and building renovations, creation of networks, exchange spaces, support for the elderly and parents and dialogue between generations.

A rich and comprehensive program for social inclusion needs a consistent and unique identity, as well as graphic tools for various circumstances.

Thus Bellissimo versioned the visual identity by creating a portfolio of continuous line illustrations based on the style of the current logo.

The campaigns tell the story of the neighbourhood's enterprises in the same pictorial and verbal language that is clear, friendly and accessible – a far cry from the frequently cryptic communications by the public administration.

After creating posters and brochures, the team was mainly involved in the production of a radio commercial and a promotional film which was created and animated by Evergreen graphics company.

Here, too, the continuous line draws the animated characters created in the script: all the protagonists of S.T.E.P.S. come to life one after the other from the same line, with the spontaneity and liveliness of the neighbourhood network they strive to create.

The project further exemplifies the role of visual communication in issues dear to Bellissimo such as urban quality, sustainable mobility and the establishment of gathering spaces.

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