City of Verona

changing city

Bellissimo created the video with which the City of Verona tells about its near future to investors and citizens.

It’s a new “urban” task for the studio, which deals again with city marketing after the projects for Ceipiemonte and FS Sistemi Urbani — you can watch the video here.

Veneto’s most populous city together with Venice. Fifth destination in Italy for visits, fourth for foreign visitors. Highway crossroads of primary importance, logistics hub, internationally renowned trade fair for oenology.

Despite its medium size, Verona has many resources to carve out an important role in the Italian scenario and beyond — and today it is already a driving force for the industrial macro-territory of the North-east.

In the meantime, many projects promise to renew the city’s cultural and social life. To express the aspirations of Verona and its widespread dynamism, the municipality asked Bellissimo for a video.

The video created by the studio presents the main focuses of the transformation. The aerial shots show symbols of the historical heritage (such as the Arsenale) and exceptional cases of industrial archeology (such as the Magazzini Generali) — they are all places ready for a new life.

The public park, a “Central Park”, which will rise in place of the freight yard, is perhaps the location that most expresses the vision of the upcoming development through sustainability, creativity and culture.

The future of cities is an elusive subject. How can we show the places of tomorrow in an engaging way, when their images are still only to sketches, technical drawings, renderings?

Copywriting and graphic design convey the vision, starting from a change of perspective. A city known to the world as a place of stories (the opera, the balcony...) becomes the protagonist itself.

The graphic design is inspired by the overlap between eras that characterises the interventions told. Two typographic characters of classic and contemporary style “stratify” to tell the future of the city.

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