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Bellissimo put its creativity at the service of a more intelligent mobility, with a public communication project for Collegno.

The City of Collegno, a populous municipality next to Turin, is planning a series of initiatives to support sustainable mobility, to promote the use of bicycles, public and shared transport, electric vehicles.

To better promote the many different activities (urban plans, incentives, new services), the administration has chosen to gather the communication flow under a single brand.

Communicating an essential theme for the quality of life in an engaging way is the ambition of this virtuous project.

Our studio started by defining the values and the final horizon of the project, according to our own branding method. A city that features a greater freedom of choice on the matter of transport —where moving is more comfortable, safe and agile— is a happier city. 

Collego is the simplest and most effective name to talk about mobility in Collegno. Bellissimo took care of naming, visual identity, copywriting and communication strategy of the whole project.

In the logo, the “n” gives way to an arrow, an ideal link between two points. The symbol becomes a constant, not just as a graphic motif.

Collego presented himself to the citizens at the beginning of October 2018 with a series of initiatives to sensitise motorists about the safety of cyclists and to promote incentives for the purchase of folding bikes.

The distinctive blue color and the friendly tone are the qualities of a campaign aimed at everyone, immediate, contemporary, which takes inspiration from the best cases of “urban communication” from Northern Europe.

In the slogans the arrow marks parts of the sentence, to give a new meaning to clichés or to play with Italian idiomatic expressions.

The active projects in Collegno (here below the debut campaign and the mayor Francesco Casciano) are available on the Collego-Collegno website, that has been curated by Bellissimo as well.

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