Coffee Sapiens

encyclopedic operation

A designer-editor task, to make the book on coffee, written by Ferran Adrià's foundation together with Lavazza, live on the web: Coffee Sapiens becomes an interactive story.

The project is available on

Coffee Sapiens is part of the volumes of Bullipedia, a project of elBulli Foundation with which the Spanish chef Ferran Adrià wants to create an encyclopedia of Western gastronomic catering.

The book, made in collaboration with Lavazza, studies the world of coffee according to the Sapiens method and its holistic vision, to offer a story as exhaustive as possible.

The seven hundred pages investigate coffee as a natural species and product, drink and ingredient, and finally as an experience and consumer phenomenon, with a focus on the functions of a coffee bar dedicated to the subjects in the sector.

Bellissimo took care of the transposition of the book on the web. Not a simple digital version: the website is organized into four paths to be explored, the result of editorial work, "editing", on existing elements.

The experience of using the contents becomes the protagonist. For engaging reading, each section invites to discover the content through elementary gestures and patterns to interact with, taken from the original content.

The popular texts alternate with more technical and infographic moments. Four quizzes ask us about the themes of the different routes.

Coffee is an endless story, and it crosses the world. From cultivation methods to cafeteria culture, from processing phases to consumer experience. From legends about its discovery in Ethiopia to global economic impact.

The studio’s project communicates immediacy, with a dynamic layout and rapid paragraphs, without altering the cultural value of the initiative. It allows to orient oneself or to get lost freely between insights.

The first edition of Coffee Sapiens was published in 2018 by Giunti. The international version published by Phaidon follows it the year after.

With the launch of the website, Lavazza shows that it wants to confirm itself as a reference in the disclousure to professionals and non in the sector. For Bellissimo it was an opportunity to challenge itself in web design on a new scale.

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