Il sogno del caffè

the essence of design

The book written by Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of illycaffè, published for Expo 2015 by Codice Edizioni. Bellissimo graphic design.

There is more in a cup of coffee than our taste could dream of: chemistry and science, industrial progress, art and philosophy, family memories. The task of Bellissimo was to organise Illy's journey in the history of coffee (and of its own coffee) also from a visual point of view.

More than forty illustrations enrich and pause the story of the entrepreneur, which is told in four chapters. The graphics are clear and elegant, allowing the many images and photographs from illycaffè's archives to stand out.

This project was the first collaboration between Bellissimo and the company from Trieste.

Bellissimo, in past years, designed For Codice Edizioni Chi siamoIl circo elettrico delle sirene and La scienza dal giocattolaio.

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