Il circo elettrico delle sirene

glyphs, forms, papers and scales

Bellissimo curated the graphic design and the layout of a precious book by Codice Edizioni:
a novel on mermaids Bellissimo enriched with special papers. Four chapters, four styles inspired by different epochs.

The studio interweaved the romantic story written by the historian Emanuele Coco, “Il circo elettrico delle sirene”, with an elegant and refined design, emphasising the rhythm and richness of the text.

To start this fantastic journey through the centuries in the company of mermaids, each detail is inspired by ancient volumes and printing masterpieces: from the classics to the early art books, to medieval miniatures and bestiaries. 

From these works, we adopted the symbols, glyphs and Graces, as well as page alignments, modules and arrangements, in order to create a map of similarities and formal oppositions for the fascination of the reader.

The book published by Codice Edizioni is an object of great value, made of paper and tissue paper (by Arjowiggins Creative Papers) selected to create glares, iridescence and colour games.

From the pearlescent cover, with a metallic trimming, the book alternates different paper types and graphic styles to offer visual and tactile suggestions. Even giving the impression of being in front of real mermaid scales.

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