Club To Club 2016

extraordinary collaborations

For the first time the icon of the festival was born from the collaboration with a guest designer:
Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic.
The campaign is #IAMC2C.

In May 2016, Club To Club disclosed the first names of the personalities taking part to the festival as well as the hashtag-title of this 16th edition (Turin, 2-6/11).

#IAMC2C is an invitation to be and feel part of an event that over the years has gained international prominence, thanks to the visionary capacity of the creative directors and their innovative approach to communication.

The team of Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini has been a creative partner of C2C since its beginning and this year we chose to involve a friend in the creation of the campaign: Ian Anderson, a mainstay of contemporary graphic design.

Following a number of talks and workshops organised in Italy, where we had the opportunity to share views and ideas, our roads merged in this collaboration, which marked the first jointly managed communication project for both of us.


The 2016 Club to Club campaign took shape on the dialogue between Turin and Sheffield, building on a shared passion for experimentation.

“Our common desire —explained Luca Ballarini— was to bring the festival to the people, by making them the protagonists of an event in which they would not be just mere spectators, but would instead contribute to the creation process in first person”.

Luca visited Ian's studio in February: the aim was to create a concept that could fully express the breadth of meanings conveyed by the festival.

At the end of the meeting, the sketch of three stars arranged in a triangle appeared on the organiser of the British designer.

Two weeks later, in Bellissimo’s loft, Ian drew what was to become the actual logo of C2C's sixteenth edition.

In early April, Bellissimo chose the colour gold, to emphasize the “premium positioning”of the festival in the European scene, and printed out the visual concept on the T-shirts —the other protagonists of the photographic campaign.

Under the protection of the three stars —also on the background of the festival posts along with the hashtag— the shootings took place on the old testing track on the roof of the Lingotto building, Fiat’s former factory and current location of live concerts and DJ sets.

The images disclose an undefined universe, the ideal "transposition" of the public of C2C, a perfect balance between the sharp nature of TDR and the visionary thinking that Bellissimo revealed in many campaigns.

We have collected all the shots of the day in a timelapse-video.

As the tradition goes, also this year, the Club To Club communication approach marked an innovation, both in visual communication and language, over the past edition, which mainly featured retro postcards.

The shootings with young models at our headquarters marked the return to the original photo as the icon of the festival, after the memorable campaigns of 2007 (the “fencer”) and 2011 (“The Italian New Wave”).

“An event of international scope like C2C is every year an extremely stimulating challenge —said Luca Ballarini— but this year in particular we feel that we have succeeded in creating something new, especially thanks to Ian Anderson's contribution”.

In this video you will find all the campaigns realized for Club To Club from 2001 to 2016.

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