Club to Club 2015

postcards from turin

For its fifteenth anniversary, the international festival of electronic music plays with time. A postcard tells us about it and the message is the most direct one: Greetings from Club to Club.

Bellissimo, creative partner of the festival since its beginning, designed and followed the 2015 communication campaign.

We agreed with the words of Sergio Ricciardone, the artistic director and co-founder of Club to Club: this year more than ever, the campaign of the festival would have made headlines.

The fifteenth edition was a success: the festival got institutional endorsement, tickets were sold out weeks in advance and visitors came from all over Europe. The event's line-up, with Thom Yorke as headliner, matched the greatest international festivals.

Greetings from Club to Club: this deliberately simple and pop message, conceived by Luca Ballarini for the postcards and the banners, had a great impact.

The icon of #C2C15 met its audience with the first release in February 2015.

Based on the contrast between forefront music and a retrò imaginary, the campaign proposes a mosaic of memories and popular visions, a confusing but still familiar universe — a step forward while looking back.

Day after day, the postcards multiplied and started conversations on social media, proving the versatility of the layout designed by Bellissimo.

Among the graphics, another element was constant in the campaign: the special stamp of the XV Anniversary Edition.

The core of the communication process was activated in July, with the release of the partial line-up, the schedule with the dates and the list of Italian exclusives.

As the festival neared, this edition's headliner launched the latest material of this campaign, including the golden announcement of the final line-up, and the official poster of the festival.


15 years of achievements strengthened the professional relationship and friendship between Bellissimo and Xplosiva, the association that organises the best music festivals in Italy.

Once again, the goal of the visual communication was to create a new imaginary world, able to involve a demanding and constantly evolving public, but also stepping back from the graphics choices of similar events.

To learn more on Club to Club, we recommend watching Sunshine in November, the passionate documentary directed by Carlotta Petracci.

Through the voices of the protagonists, this video describes the birth and the development of the festival, as well as its connection with what was and still is influencing it: from the underground period of the 90s, to the spiritual awakening of the early 2000s and the pre-Olympic tensions of 2005, up to the blooming of the brave and forward-looking city that Turin has become today in the eyes of a great part of the European creative industry.

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