Club to Club 2014

open to new languages

A white horse moves in two dimensions. A contemporary Pegasus dances on the threshold of an unknown world, in a composition of metaphysical balance. Where does the door lead? What's on the other side?

The visual style of Bellissimo and the music of #C2C come together again in 2014.

"The Trojan Horse" edition is an enigmatic campaign. Surreal and arrogant, its name is emblematic for a festival that every time is a surprise.

At first, the contour of an open door, then a zoomorphic helmet with a double tail — irreverent reinterpretation of the war theme of this edition.
Finally, the elegant horse, running through the door of sound perception.

To create a proper imaginary world, both contemporary and mythological, Bellissimo used the language that always marked the experimental approach of the studio: eccentric, alienating and focused on effective communication.

"After thirteen years of friendship, we and the Xplosiva team tried to identify the most memorable campaigns of the festival", said Luca Ballarini, founder and creative director of Bellissimo. "The most successful ones were those capable of suggesting the viewer a different direction, both incarnating a new vision but also an archetype. And this is still our goal".

Bellissimo is the creative partner of the international electronic music festival to be held in Turin early in November, and throughout 2014 with preview events in Milan, London and Istanbul.

During these 14 years Bellissimo has been in charge of all the communication campaigns and icons of the festival, from the first logo to the current naming "#C2C". Year-on-year we have been experiencing the evocative and unsettling languages that best convey the "avant-pop" mission of the Alfa MiTo Club to Club festival, today one of the major European events of contemporary culture.

This year, we organised the new format of activities for Absolut and designed the installations for the headquarters of the Absolut Symposium festival.

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