Club to Club 2007

mystery girl

For the 2007 edition of the festival Bellissimo waives to the words and explores the surrealism of contemporary photography.

The protagonist of the visuals is a strong and oneiric subject: an elegant and mysterious lady fencer. An enigmatic figure which spreads sensuality and mysticism at the same time, a figure-dummy that imposes itself in a solitary and theatrical pose.

The unusual beauty of this mannequin, a reminiscence of De Chirico and Caravaggio, stands out lonely and dramatic.

The campaign marks an evolution for the communication of Club to Club, giving for the first time a photographic image with a supernatural character to the festival.

The English critic Robert Urquhart commented as follows: “This ghostly apparition is a fitting invitation for a fantastic festival – it is all the things a good party should be: Elegant, timeless, mysterious and a little dangerous. If you dared to lift the mask what would you find? Male or female… Is it even human? I think if Edvard Munch went clubbing he would look like this: An electronic scream!”

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