plus points

Copywriting & design for mayoral-election campaign of the city of Torino in 2000.

Chiamparino+ was a new brand created by Bellissimo/Luca Ballarini for a political campaign targeting young adults. Printed in 20,000 copies using 18 Pantone colours, 8 keywords and one final slogan (“Torino+ is not for sale”).

On the back of the last flyer, 2 dozen tongue-in-cheek slogans that played on the mayoral candidate’s name, including “One Chiamparino, please”, “Chiamparin Manson”, “James Chiamparino”, “404, Chiamparino Not Found” and “Chiamparino 69”. Today, as the two-time mayor of the city has just won the election as president of the Piedmont Region, we may add “Turna Chiamparino!”.

We suggest to his regional council to address the next 5 years of governance keeping in mind the 8 keywords we chose 14 years ago, still very important of today: more green, more freedom, more works, more culture, more news, more music, more events, and more technology.

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