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A company with almost a century of history decided to renew its communication approach through branding and graphics. Bellissimo accepted the challenge with enthusiasm.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini undertook the renewal of Ceresa, a historical name for energy services in Piedmont. In this video we explain more about this project along with the CEO and the Head of Marketing of the company.

Highlighting the quality and the advantages of the service.
Leveraging a great experience to focus on the future of the industry.
Last but not least, opening to new clients with a high-level dialogue, matching the company's expertise.

These were the building blocks — some were indicated at the start of the project, other emerged during the consultancy meetings — of our work for Ceresa, the ESCo active in the northwest of Italy, which today has arrived at its fourth generation.

Once again, our branding strategy, provided internally for identifying new promotional strategies, shed light on the horizon of Ceresa and the values ​​that distinguish it from its competitors on the market.

What should the personality and the brand promise of Ceresa be built on? Technology and innovation or customer care and reliability? What role should its history play?

The answer to these questions was to be found in the adoption of our usual branding tools (Brand Values, Brand Constellation and Stella Polare) combined with a new awareness of the role of communication: conveying the unspoken qualities of the service and the company's function as a source of welfare.

The new Company Profile edited by Bellissimo and the factsheets express this positioning with an informative and confident tone, together with a transformed image.

The new identity of Ceresa is based both on words as well as on graphic design.

The main challenge was to build a visual identity starting from the logo — the only graphics element — and enhancing it with shapes, images and motifs of a contemporary style.

Leafing through the pages, the regular geometric pattern of the text is alternated with a number of dynamic compositions, a "futuristic" rhythm of full and empty backgrounds in the corporate colours.

A brave design with a double character, blending technique and movement, competence and strength, inspired by the components of renewable energy sources.

The brochure package has a ring system, which allows to add or upgrade the services offered over time.

The brand consulting process opened a path of awareness and internal sharing, which was pursued and strongly backed by the management.

Ceresa, founded in Turin in 1921, now faces a changed market, where building services are more and more expected to meet the needs of end users, without the mediation of building managers.

The new tools provided to the company are also an opportunity for the brand, originally famous for the sale of coal, and afterwards, for the supply of diesel fuel and natural gas, to reassert its definitive conversion to the service sector.

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