investments on the fly

How to imagine the city of tomorrow and present the economic benefits of an investment, without sacrificing visual beauty.

In October 2018, Regione Piemonte and Ceipiemonte presented
the international tender for the construction of the new Health Park
in Turin in front of an audience of 500 sector operators from several countries.

The video that promotes this leading investment opportunity is the work of Bellissimo and B-PLAY — you can watch it here

The new “Teaching and Research Hospital” of Turin will be the main project involving the city in the coming years. The future pole of medical excellence includes the former Fiat-Avio area.

Together with B-PLAY, Bellissimo has won the tender assigned by Ceipiemonte, institution that fosters the economic development of the territory, to produce the video for the project launch — a plan worth over 400 million euros.

Among the client requests, the use of aerial shots to show the area and the presentation of the main data to support the investment.

The final video highlights the economic and infrastructural strengths of the investment through a great work of synthesis.

Despite the informative purpose, the video builds a story capable of involving the audience thanks to its visual impact, enhanced by the graphics and the fabulous bird-eye images of Turin shot from a drone.

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