designing safety

Bellissimo designed the rebranding of Cantene, a company specialised in risk management.

Founded in 2007 by five professors from the Politecnico di Torino and two engineering companies, Cantene develops forecasting models to support security and emergencies management.

Watch the video presentation made by Bellissimo!

Fire engineering, large-crowd management, security plans for power plants and ventilation-system design are just some of the services offered by Cantene’s multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers.

Our studio has had the task of bringing order to the communication of an offer that is as heterogeneous as it is specialised, while expressing the rigor and reliability that make the company stand out.

As usual, the Bellissimo’s work began with the application of our branding method to give life to the brand identity, through seven values and the strategic horizon expressed by the Stella Polare ™.

The graphic concept of the logo is inspired by the “heat map”, a visual model that represent fluid dynamics through color gradients.

It is an example of how even B2B companies can present a contemporary image, without sacrificing professionalism.

Bellissimo’s intuition expresses the scientific approach of Cantene’s work and is expressed through the use of three colours to present the main areas of application: industrial spaces, infrastructures and crowd management.

To promote the new brand, the studio has also developed storyboard, texts and editing of the video presentation that you can watch at this link.

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