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Bellissimo signs the new brand identity for Buzzoole, a company that is revolutionising the influencer marketing sector with its own technology.

Over 250.000 creators and 850 high profile clients: in 6 years Buzzoole has developed from a simple start-up into a global campaign that guarantees the best affinities between influencer and brand in 176 countries.

Our studio was asked to elaborate a new brand identity, able to sanction this evolution and reposition the brand in a highly competitive market.

As is custom, the consultancy route began with a detailed analysis of the company to individuate the 7 values and the promise that will guide the brand over the coming years.

The branding process has represented the basis for the development of its verbal identity: Company Profile, Tone of Voice and Underlying Narratives are the 3 guides that we created to align the styles of those in charge of communication in the various offices in Milano, London and New York.

The name Buzzoole comes from the union of buzz and googol, the one digit followed by one hundred zeroes.

Whilst creating a new logo, we chose to highlight this peculiarity. 

The new brand, interpreted by two double letters present in the: ZZ — an onomatopoeic recall of the buzz concept. OO becomes the symbol of infinity and of that which has unlimited propagation.

The complete configuration of the logo is highly distinctive, asymmetrical, iconic easily declinable through the diverse instruments of communication.

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