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Bellissimo redesigned Bourbon, the historic Italian coffee brand, whose line of products is the most highly-visible packaging project by Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini.

Popularity doesn’t exclude innovation.

Bourbon opened to the wider public, offering a range of affordable products together with the taste of a good coffee, without mincing words.

Its image had to convey the same concept: a simple design — what marketing rules define as “no frills” — able to stand out on the market among dozens of competitors.

The packaging and the brand designed by Bellissimo achieve this goal through the colour yellow, very original for the coffee industry, and the immediate, instantly recognisable graphics.

How many “yellow” coffee brands are there? The colour choice of the main Bourbon line is the most distinctive feature of the brand.

Combined with black in a pattern with horizontal, hand-drawn lines, the colour brings together visual impact and right food appeal, bearing in mind that taste is the first sense to be inspired by any food package.

The other product lines distinguish each taste with a different colour, while a “central label” highlights the kind of product: coffee beans, ground for moka, and espresso capsules.

In this case, the brand design work focused on typography.

Under a large uppercase “B” — the symbol of the new Bourbon — the logo is easily recognisable by the simple serif character chosen for its straightforward image and the friendly tone of voice.

The last design solution was the matte circular label, which stands out visually and by touch against the shiny surface of the pack.

Bourbon is back in the retail market and — we hope so— in the kitchens of many homes.

The brand evokes memories of old time commercials, with the singer Milva and Sandra Mondaini, where it already sponsored itself with the promise a “good coffee”, still the first quality of the product.

Bellissimo relaunched the brand’s visual identity maintaining a similar perspective. The key message remains the good quality of the coffee, communicated through simple, but original graphics.

With this project, we proved how graphic design applied to packaging can combine business objectives and brand values, a “look & feel” and contemporary style for a wide market range.

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