The Ultimate Gin and Tonic Experience

imagination is the key

In 2014 Bellissimo conceived for its historic client Bombay Sapphire a new series of event with an original format.

Below you can find the videos of the two events in Venice and Milan.

The Ultimate Gin & Tonic Experience is a hymn to creativity and imagination. The format is inspired to the recipe of this drink: just like the two ingredients are combined in an exclusive and superior taste, so the meeting between two creatives brings life to a live performance that is both unique and unrepeatable.


The concept behind the event is the fusion, symbolized by the "&" of the gin & tonic: a link between two different disciplines.

The first event took place in Venice during the Carnival. The experience presented a music & visual improvisation with Italian pianist Giovanni Guidi matching with Dutch visual artist Job Wouters.


The Ultimate Gin & Tonic Experience had a second stage in Milan: a live performance by the contemporary dancer Annamaria Ajmone and the electronic composer Vaghe Stelle.

Finally it was the turn of Rome, for an evening of live painting and DJing with the illustrator Claudio Cassano & DJ Viky Queen.

Bellissimo conceived the concept of the event and coordinated the entire organization, realizing all the installations and the materials.

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