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New logo, new corporate strategy, new website. Bellissimo completed an in-depth consultancy and design project for an expanding company with over a century of history.

Bertolaso is the industry leader in bottling systems. Boasting 135 years of history and an increasingly international business, the company decided to renew its image and bring it into line with its great technical skills.

The most recent step is the launch of site (see further).

In this work Bellissimo followed the usual procedure and analysed Bertolaso’s corporate communication through consulting.

During meetings with the heads of the company, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate image and we assessed customer relationship management opportunities as well as the general needs to be addressed by the rebranding process.

We then defined the new brand content (values, strategic outlook) and wrote it up according to the proprietary branding methodology often adopted in similar cases.

The needs and the text derived from this first step made up the basis for the design and communication work.

After redesigning the old company logo — a very well-known symbol among wine and spirits producers — Bellissimo focused on the corporate image and its presentation to the market.

Following the Saet Group and Giobert projects, this experience with Bertolaso confirmed one again the potential of branding for B2B companies, which often do not fully express the level of excellence they have achieved.

The new visual and verbal identity was disclosed to the industry in a number of ads on the trade press.

Bellissimo continued the company’s communication restyling in time for SIMEI, the main industry trade fair, which was held in November 2015. Bertolaso introduced itself to potential customers and partners with a new Company Profile.

This new Company Profile tells about the corporate values and the international presence of the company, its team and the distinctive features of the offer as well as its great customer care.

The publishing project included everything — from the key messages to the tone of voice, up to the design and the choice of the images — and met the needs that emerged in the consulting process and the branding choices made.

The graphics design combined tradition and innovation on a “cold” fluorescent red background. The large pictures and the content also focus on the company’s human factor, one of its less renowned strengths.

In the occasion of the next edition of SIMEI festival, the company launched its new website.

Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini curated the entire project, from the information architecture of the site to the web design and development.

Our main task has been organising the several contents of Bertolaso according to an effective structure and User Experience that could fully convey the technical and human richness of the group.

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