Bellissimo Summer School

what is a designer-editor?

Bellissimo is proud to announce its first design and editing Summer School – a workshop celebrating over 20 years of activity.

From 26th to 30th July 2021 Bellissimo’s first Summer School will be held in our Loft: a week-long workshop held by several of our senior collaborators who will be teaching 15 participants.

A Summer School conceived as an extraordinary opportunity to get to know and learn about Bellissimo's design method, ranging from concept research to graphics, from branding to writing, from building of editorial formats and events to production details.

Participants will be exposed to a unique design approach, learning the designer-editor method that distinguishes our studio's professional vision.

The only requirement needed to attend the Bellissimo Summer School is your own laptop and basic knowledge of graphic design and the Creative Suite.

Enrollment is already open. Enrollment fee by 18th is €500. After that, until 9th July - registration deadline – the fee will be €600. In addition, at the end of the enrollment period, one out of the 15 participants will be chosen take part in the Summer School free of charge (with a refund by bank transfer).

The 15 participants will take home an intense professional training experience, in contact with creative/art directors and designers with extensive experience in the conception and development of different projects in the fields of communication, design, publishing, events and advertising. And that's not all: the most deserving will be selected for internships starting at the beginning of September.

The idea of team teaching and a summer school had circulating around the studio for a while. It reappeared in January, among the year's good intentions, but in fact fifteen years ago we had already imagined giving life to a "Bellissimo College of Design", a training spin-off of the studio - in the wake of the most experimental schools open to multidisciplinary approaches (one for all: the Construction School in Bristol, started by Norman Potter, author of the famous essay "What is a designer.").

There has never been a shortage of teaching opportunities. Luca has often held lessons or workshops for institutions in Milan and Turin (Universities and Polytechnics, Ied, Iaad, but also the Apple Academy in Naples and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and Palermo). And even the rest of us have had a fair share of opportunities.

But this is the first time the studio proposes a collective activity, as a team, in which to transmit its professional experience through 25 years of activity among magazines, events, brand strategies, campaigns, messages and numerous graphics in a more structured, albeit compact, fashion.

The workshop scheduled from 26th to 30th July gives such an opportunity. The summer school, in which we will all be taking part in as teachers or tutors, will focus on the idea of mixing the designer and editor roles, an essential attitude for tackling a project from different perspectives, and one in which we strongly believe. But it will also focus on the importance of inventive and strategic thinking in communication.

The Bellissimo Summer School will be a slightly magical and very practical moment of serendipity, multidisciplinary depth, that will undoubtedly be educational and inspirational. In five days, the week will touch on several fundamental aspects of a complete project: branding, graphic design, event design, packaging, naming, copywriting, promotion, production.

Not only that. Between the lines we will be talking about language and responsibility, vision and social function - for anyone who works, or will find themselves working, in this field: the designer as a catalyst for change.

The attitude and tone of voice will be in the customary Bellissimo style. Evocative, professional, profound, but also ironic, demythologising, critical of fashions, technicalities and marketing jargon; above all, focussed on understanding the aspirations of clients and able to create value and provide stimuli in many directions.

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