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In 2018, Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini is celebrating 20 years of activity. Within this occasion, we want to share the daily efforts and the projects that made the studio evolve since 1998.

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About Us, Branding, Graphic Design, Events, Publishing: it is always hard to describe ourselves. Which work to select, which other to avoid. How to put in a layout something that represents our constant dialogue.

This is why designing Bellissimo Brochure took us a lot of time and effort, more than any other publication for our clients.
It embodies 20 years of activity — an intense time frame where the studio has lived new endeavours, transformations and challenges in less-explored fields.

At the same time, although the team is grown (15 people between designers, and architects), it preserves its original vocation.
The absence of fixed tasks, the for an education of vision, the desire of experimentation and challenge.

Besides the name, an internationally known Italian word promising a superlative quality, from which this tale starts 10 years after A Book About Bellissimo.


Made of 5 booklets, each one dedicated to a specific design field, the brochure collects 54 projects: examples of brand communications, logo design and restyling, packaging, editorial projects, campaigns, events and special cases in architecture, that all together express our achieved expertise.

Throughout the book is clear the variety of tasks and sectors, with their complexity — they are usually not just single assignments, but often strategic-consultancy relationships, either for B2C, B2B and culture.

Some of the works have left a mark on the development of Bellissimo: from the editorial adventure of Label and Italic, to the multi-year collaboration with Club To Club, Bombay Sapphire or Absolut, up to the side projects of the studio such as Torinostratosferica.

Some of the projects chosen among more than 400 feature prestigious names such as Adidas, Renzo Piano, FontanaArte. Others created symbols and objects well-known in Turin, Italy and beyond: the new image for Ordine Architetti, some of the Lavazza packaging and the Expo 2015 passport.

As customers of ourselves we have been high demanding, in the graphic design project, in the selection of images, in writing the texts.

By trying to express the added value in each project, the brochure recovers the many passions of the studio that lead the effort towards historic brands and startups, big companies and no-profits.

It is the interest towards cities, the willing to open a dialogue with the most innovative enterprises, people and creative realities — others catalysts of Bellissimo over the last 20 years together with its central mission as a communication creator.

The purpose of a publications about ourselves is to: recall our commitment in creating distintive messages — choose precise and sharp words, reduce the images to the most memorable.

The minus and division signs impressed on the cover.

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