Bellissimo Blue Loft

new year, new look

Welcome to Bellissimo's “new” Blue Loft™.
A large strip window, wooden floors and one wall less.

After the many makeovers planned for our customers, at last it was our turn. The two months of construction works were worth the comfort and warmth of this contemporary loft.


Those who visited our offices can appreciate the transformation in these pictures taken by Tommaso Buzzi.

The oak flooring, with its hand-finished boards showing the signs of aging, is a testimony of Woodco's artisan tradition. The new doors and windows by Oknoplast were chosen to emphasize the long strip window on the north side.

The brightness of the open space — which now can be appreciated in its full length — was also increased by the Skylight paint chosen for the desks.

The restyling also involved the façade, on which a new silicate plaster was applied, in a distinctive Farrow & Ball Hague Blue.


The loft — with a terrace — located at the end of via Regaldi hosts Bellissimo's headquarters since the year 2000.

The premises had always been used for production purposes: first Ragazzoni's leather goods factory, then the bakery of Orazio, the well-known Grissini maker.

The narrow streets and the low houses between Via Bologna and the railway tracks of Scalo Vanchiglia were known, many years ago, as the "pirates' village", a den of petty criminals hiding from the police.

The neighbourhood still represents a urban exception, even now that it hosts a good number of creative realities: the architect Maurizio Zucca, the contemporary art gallery of Franco Noero, local broadcasters and film-makers — some of which appeared along with Bellissimo in the magazine Monocle. The works of the Variante 200 and the second metro line should soon get started, as well as the construction of the new green area shown in the masterplans.

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