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The barber shop sign’s product line is an opportunity to reinforce the brand personality and draw visual guidelines useful for future development.

From a shop sign in Milan to an emerging brand for enthusiasts of grooming, as beard care is defined, Barberino’s has consolidated its ideals of “Italian wellness” through its network of stores in Italy.

After working on the brand image with a visual identity project dedicated to the value of time (the logo existed already), Bellissimo focuses on personal care products available in the barber shop and online.

If Barberino’s growth had come at the expense of consistency in presenting its offerings, the first goal of the project is to bring order — Bellissimo chooses to restart from the essentials of the visual identity.

The project draws on the classic style that already characterizes Barberino’s communication with a simple, editorial-style approach: the front sides of boxes and bottles become small posters or news articles that give clarity to the narrative.

The system is based on color alternation and proportions between the two hues: small boxes and outer boxes in deep green, the brand’s flag color; small bottles and sachets in clear. The alternation is also typographic.

The packaging system thus traces the guidelines that Barberino’s will carry forward independently for new products and kits.

In the windows or the shelves, items with the new look contribute to the ideal of timeless elegance the brand wants to bring to life within its spaces.

In addition to aesthetics, the graphic choices have a medium-term strategic value: such an identity project, based on the essential qualities of the brand, will remain representative and central beyond the possible changes in the scenario of a company that is still young and in an expanding sector.

For more of Bellissimo’s works for personal care: Gfl and Ilaire.

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