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The studio takes care of Barberino's visual identity, a barber shop and grooming brand for an experience of "Italian-style well-being for men".

Barberino's wants to break taboos about male self-care, and make the appointment at the barber and grooming, the care of one's beard, moments of value and contentment.

Since 2015, with the first hub in Milan, the start-up wants to combine the tradition of Italian barbershop with the contemporaneity of digital means, creating a strong bond with the public. Since then, its network of barber shops has expanded into several cities (from 2021 also abroad), as well as the range of products.

Bellissimo intervenes to support this model to develop the visual language of the brand, in view of its further growth.

The studio has developed the creative concept and visual identity of the brand starting from the existing logo, collaborating together with One Day Group, a company following the brand in capacity as "business & community builder".

Bellissimo's project is entirely based on the value of time, sensed as a moment dedicated to oneself and a suspended, almost dreamlike, dimension, but also as a reference to Italian tradition.

In line with an aware and sophisticated target, the brand tells its story with a high, accurate, editorial language, in the direction of refinement and premium positioning.

From the graced typography to curated photos, where one can favour natural light, to colour gradients: all choices transport customers to an elegant, dreamy, changing universe composed of details and nuances.

This already fluid imaginary is joined by a set of gentle shapes and curved lines that, in addition to recalling the contours of clocks and hourglasses, translate the delicacy and softness of the gestures of the grooming treatments into visual language.

Finally, great attention is dedicated to social media, where refined illustrations with a contemporary angle embellish with irony the tone of the brand's voice while involving the public — a key element in the company's development strategy.

The visual identity is only the first result of the collaboration between the brand and Bellissimo, a relationship that continues with the creation of the packaging and set-up of barber shops.

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