development model

Bellissimo has been supporting Arexpo's communication since 2020.

The collaboration, which will accompany the evolution of Arexpo over time, started from branding. The website is the first visible result of the work.

Arexpo, a majority-owned public company active in the field of urban regeneration, was founded in 2011 to bring together, under one property the land that would host Expo Milano 2015. At the end of the event, the company becomes responsible for the future of the site, an area of 1 million square meters, where to build a new research place and enterprise of national importance.

Six years later, construction sites are proceeding for MIND Milano Innovation District, an ecosystem of excellence and a new district of the city that will  that vision concrete. The development sees the involvement of Lendlease, a global developer, through a wide-ranging public-private partnership.

The company's activity, formed by the region's main institutions, is now open to future initiatives throughout Lombardy.

Bellissimo is called to follow the communication of the two organisations: Arexpo, in its progress, and MIND's public activities.

The branding path, following the interviews with the main managers of the company, led to the first results. Reports, brand values and Stella Polare build the basis for a brand positioning with a renewed narrative.

At the heart of Arexpo's proposal towards the territory emerges the idea of an innovative development for Italy, based on the strong cooperation between public administration and private operators: a partnership model, of which the company is the promotor and guarantor, capable of generating value over time.

First and foremost the website gives back that very role and perspective.

Web design starts from Arexpo's image, to return a dynamic and friendly experience of a brand that is still institutional.

The research for maximum clarity guides the visual design. The content structure and layout give space to the key values and messages, highlighted by great typography. Immediacy, accessibility and graphic cleanliness are the declared guidelines.

The pages alternate more or less technical focus, with a few simple interaction content. The texts offer access points to the story of a unique reality in Italy by role.

More importantly, the website rebalances the storytelling of the Arexpo and MIND case study, presented as a pilot project of a replicable model opening up to the developments that the future has in store.

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