Appia 2030

creativity and territorial revitalisation

Recounting places, stimulating culture and tourism. Bellissimo commits to Appia 2030, a development plan for the Municipality of Brindisi and the surrounding areas.

MediAree - Appia 2030 is the programme of Anci (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and the Municipality of Brindisi to promote the last stretch of the Via Appia, the ancient road that connected Rome to the city of Brundisium.

In addition to the provincial capital, the plan involves the municipalities of Mesagne, Latiano, Oria and Francavilla Fontana. It also aims to strengthen the candidacy of this route as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bellissimo, often linked to territorial branding activities from Piedmont to Lombardy, was awarded the participation in the project — and will design the communication of the initiative dedicated to a place still rich in unexpressed potential.

Kicking off the project, the studio collaborated with a local team of professionals for the statistical and documentary analysis of the context and mapping of the area's cultural, tourist and environmental resources.

As a second step, Bellissimo coordinated two Visioning Sessions with the support of Stratosferica, the “partner” association dedicated to city imaging and urban culture.

The meetings, involving representatives of the cultural, creative and entrepreneurial worlds, are intended to stimulate brainstorming and bring out keywords, proposals and visions for the territory — similar to what was done for the Municipality of Aosta.

The territorial listening phase ended with a series of interviews conducted by Cooperativa Thalassia, an organisation active in sustainable development in the Brindisi area, with local figures from the cultural, creative and business worlds.

The results of the Visioning Session and interviews were the starting point to articulate the identity of the territory. The story unfolds around seven values, as per the branding method.

The dynamism of a cross-border land with a history stretching back thousands of years, a crossroads of cultures and peoples. The hospitality of a community that appreciates simple things. The beauty that pervades the natural and urban landscapes.

Each element of the story is an invitation to live slowly, rediscover the common heritage and create a sustainable future for the environment and society.

The “narrative” continues at the graphic level, reinforcing the link between the 2030 Agenda and the place.

2030 is the time target of the programme, focusing on slow tourism, culture and environmental protection. The Appia 2030 logo reinterprets the year in two road signs, a reference to speed limits, guiding toward a more conscious, less hurried fruition of the territory.

The wavy line stylises the route of the last stretch of the Via Appia, the road that connected Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea to Brindisi and the Adriatic, and the rippled surface of what was then the Mare Nostrum.

As a final task, a welcome addition to the original assignment, the studio also oversees part of the program of two Creative Residencies dedicated to imagining the future of the territory and the communications.

In particular, Bellissimo, together with Stratosferica, presents to the public the lab/experience “The Landmark Project,” a 4-day workshop to imagine the possible new landmarks of this region.

All information is available on the website created by Bellissimo:

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