Aosta 2030

visions on top of development

Bellissimo contributed to writing the Strategic Plan of Aosta 2030, a document intended to lead the city towards a deep transformation during this decade.

The project started in the summer of 2019, when the Municipality of Aosta asked Bellissimo to organise and direct a collective workshop with the aim of generating future scenarios and visions for the development of the city.

The Municipality chose to apply, to the initial phases of the Plan, the working methodology devised by Luca Ballarini for Torino Stratosferica, the innovative city-imaging experiment started in 2014.

Torino Stratosferica’s experience has inspired two “visioning sessions” in particular.

During the first one, a public “mapping” session, more than 500 citizens helped imagine the city of the future by indicating needs, ideas and wishes on a large map of Aosta.

In the second visioning session we involved in several brainstormings a smaller group, that included twenty entrepreneurs and prominent representatives of the local creative industry.

The group work focused on the analysis of the city positioning and, encouraged by Bellissimo’s team, proposed several visions for the future of Aosta.

At a later time, Bellissimo’s editors put all the material in order and presented the best ideas that emerged during the various sessions, delivering a summary report full of design concepts.

The report inspired four main visions  (“A city that moves”; “A city that regenerates”; “A city that becomes more beautiful”; “A city that tells itself”) and 12 strategies, that focus in particular on the new opportunities for six locations within the city.

It has been an important work, that confirmed Bellissimo’s ability to guide administrations in defining solid tools, strategies and results to rethink cities and their positioning.

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