2013. the year we moved (middle) east

A European jewel is growing in the center of Doha. Alhazm (literally “highland”) will be the milestone for high-end fashion brands and top quality restaurant in Qatar.
Bellissimo designed its visual identity.

“A unique collection of world excellences”. The tagline Bellissimo chose describes perfectly this amazing complex of classical architecture that will become one of the country most exclusive luxury mall.

Thanks to its long experience in the Italian retail industry, Bellissimo was chosen by Al Emadi Enterprises for the creation of Alhazm visual identity.

The logo is composed by an elegant Arabic grapheme and a refined lettering. It expresses the refined and contemporary style desired by Al Emadi Enterprises and its owner, emir Mohamed Al Emadi.

Bellissimo wrote and designed the commercial brochure aimed at presenting the commercial offer towards the main fashion brands, as well as the advertising campaign for the 2013 MAPIC at Cannes (where Alhazm was officially announced).

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