ramadan lights

An Italian company has become the reference point for lighting setups in the Gulf region. Bellissimo contributed to its launch at the local shopping mall, although not just with a simple catalogue, but with a precious, tailor-made story.

Creativity and Italian hands. Headquarters in Dubai. AFKAR, with its lighting projects for religious festivals and other events, has quickly become one of the main cultural centres and shopping destinations in Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.

For the 2015 RECon event — the main retail trade fair in the region — Bellissimo designed the brochure addressed to large competitors presenting the specialities of this team of designers, craftsmen and installers: original and innovative creations, appreciated for their Italian taste and the insights into local values.

The same care for elegance, distinction and detail characterised the writing, graphics, and printing of the publication.

Bellissimo has been supporting AFKAR in its sales presentations and in the advertising in industry magazines, and this brochure is just the latest step in our communication path.

The company is in fact part of CELS, the group of experts in customer engagement strategies and event production, with whom Bellissimo has been collaborating on projects in the Middle East (such as the Italian Village in Doha).

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