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cubic colour

For the launch of a new collection, a shoe box can turn into a source of wonder: a Rubik's cube in 25 colours and with as many — or more — surprises.

Thinking out of the box... inside a box.

For the Italian launch of the Superstar Supercolors — the famous line of Originals' sneakers revisited by Pharrell Williams in 50 different colours — Adidas asked Bellissimo to design and produce a special pack to be sent to 250 style leaders and influencers.

The pack was to contain a pair of unicolour shoes together with the need to surprise and to express the strong personality of the collection (and the brand) as well as an invitation for recipients to write and share opinions and photographs.

The result is pure colour, a new edition of Rubik's Cube "raised to the Nth power".

Once opened, the box brings us back to childhood and creativity.
A false bottom hides the shoes, revealing instead three gifts: a multicolour pin-wheel (icon of the collection), a set of felted pens and a bottle of coloured thumbtacks.

An invitation to self-expression and a celebration of chromatic freedom, in pure Adidas style.

The design work involved the entire team of Bellissimo, from the initial brainstorming to the actual production, and the customer demand and expectations of the VIPs and fans who received the exclusive pack were met.

Here are some of the pics posted on Instagram by bloggers, journalists and celebrities.

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