3 projects for 3 stripes

Bellissimo collaborated with the sportswear brand for two advertorial on Label magazine and an event.

2002. An empty swimming pool, a dream location for bringing out the full strength of a worldwide brand.
Just before the soccer World Cup, Bellissimo wrote an advertorial for Adidas on Label, with a tone between parody and branding.

2003. Bellissimo organised an event for Adidas (with branded catering) at The Beach, a club in Turin overlooking the Po river.
The Breakfast Party, an opportunity for launching Label's issue dedicated to breakfast, is celebrated with yogurt, cereals and clover-shaped biscuits — baked in a mould designed by Emilio Ballarini.

2006. To celebrate the Turin Winter Olympics, Label published The Bob Issue on this topic.
In the excitement of the run up to the event, Bellissimo realised for Adidas the Visionary Snowline advertorial. Photograph by Tommaso Buzzi.

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