Absolut Symposium 2016

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For the third consecutive year, the Club To Club headquarters will become a space for inventiveness, social life and surprises, thanks to Bellissimo's design and creative work for Absolut.

Again in 2016, the Pernod Ricard Italia Group confirmed its investment in the festival and in Absolut Symposium, the leading event in the annual calendar of the vodka brand.

The wide appeal of the 2014 and 2015 editions and its success among the public consolidated the bond of Absolut with the creative industry, making it an unmissable event for the town and the C2C international audience.

In 2016, the format is confirmed, but also renewed.

The hotel hosting the artists of the festival will boast a new set up, with a whole range of experience-rooms all to be discovered.

Among the hotel's floor tre special suites, designed by Bellissimo, are waiting to be discovered by the guests. In each one a parallel “wunderkammer”, between geometries and inner gardens, sculptures and themed cocktails.

Let's take a closer look at the Secret Rooms:

Chemical Room: “Wonders in a liquid, solid and gaseous state. Enter our laboratory, where the taste becomes chemical formula”.

Jungle Room: “Behind a door, the nature reigns. There is no other choice than going along with your instinct, breathe and dive in to the green”.

Geometric Room: “A parallel area, where lights is shape. A suspended atmosphere where anyone can find his own dimension.”

Only the most curious and social will then be able to enter the last VIP Room, that will be a total immersion for all five sense, thanks also to the presence of YAR.

Another news about this edition: the event, managed by our studio for the installation branded Absolut, has been announced by an intense advertising campaign with many billboards in town. Graphics by Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini.

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