Absolut Symposium 2015

electrik hôtellerie

The Absolut Symposium is back to light up the Club to Club hotel-headquarter with Bellissimo ideas. The inspiration comes from the new limited edition bottle: Absolut Electrik.

Thanks to Absolut, from 4th to 7th November the C2C headquarter turns itself in a creativity and sharing location for the second time.

Who came to the first edition cannot forget it: The AC Hotel of Turin reinvented as a clubbing hub, a space where people meet and have fun, livened up by music and thousands of contents. A “contemporary symposium”, born from the partnership between Absolut, Club to Club and Bellissimo, animated by the festival key players and opened to fans day and night.

Absolut Symposium 2015 captivated its guests with new ideas and surprises for the whole experience. Bellissimo curated again the creative direction and the production of the Swedish brand project, including two “#AbsolutNights”.

During the 4th November night the Absolut Electrik Opening Party hosted more than 800 people among music-lovers, artists, journalists, VIPs and influencers.

Dance performances, DJ sets and fluo colours livened up the lobby and the music hall, while the Makr Shakr robot-mixologist designed by Carlo Ratti Associati amazed the public in the courtyard with its hi-tech cocktails.

After the Friday night lives in Lingotto, the Absolut Matinée brought the #C2C15 audience to a dreamlike experience: oniric movies, relaxing music and a yoga session at dawn to welcome the morning of Saturday 7th.

From 4 am an international breakfast with tastes from all around the world rewarded the watchful clubbers.

Surprises were not only on the ground floor. The upper floors hosted three special suites.

In the Absolut Electrik Cocktail Room guests could taste a tailor-made drink under the suffused light of a cosy space. The Absolut Jam Room allowed people to prove their music talent by playing an original selection of music instruments: synths, keyboards, ukuleles, xylophones and theremins.

The Absolut Fashion Room was a 2015 surprise: here people could try and buy dresses from the collections of independent fashion stylists chosen by Bellissimo.

On the ground floor, a lobby boy in a blue livery and a group of Electrik Ladies gave information to the guests at the hotel entrance.
After the Absolut Pinboard image compositions the guests could access to the lobby, switched on by the NTS Radio live broadcasting.

The lobby was equipped with installations in every corner: a newsstand with the best international music and style magazines, a blue piano at guests disposal, a bookshop and a pop-up vinyl shop.

The Absolut photo booth allowed people to take a photo sequence, print them and share them on Facebook in real time.

The Absolut Carousel lightened up the courtyard, under the huge Symposium logo screened on the hotel walls. The Absolut Electrik Kool Airstream served Swedish sandwiches and meatballs for the hungry guests.

In their rooms, the hosted artists and journalists found a welcome letter and a kit filled with small gifts: a chromed shopper with the new Electrik bottle, a mask, a “magic eye” and the Absolut postcards collection. The rooms hosted the “symposiarchs” with blue balls and special paintings on the wall.

During the Symposium, Bellissimo also realised an exposition to celebrate 15 years of visual experimentation for Club to Club.

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