Absolut Caveau

our first architecture

The nights of Club To Club 2016 were the breeding ground for fulfilling a long-time ambition: designing and bringing to life a construction project.

After years of studying this subject, in which the studio has always had a deep interest, Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini received from Absolut the task of designing — in parallel to the third Absolut Symposium — an architectural structure open to visitors during the two main nights of the festival.

The Absolut Caveau, an original encounter between a club bar and a terraced stand, was surely the most striking novelty of #IAMC2C. The guests on the stands could enjoy the concerts like never before, experiencing in full the visual, sound and even physical impact of the dj-sets.

Bellissimo conceived and designed the structure. The executive design was realized with the support of Eventi3.

The sharp edge of the pavilion recalled the asymmetric lines of some contemporary cabin houses, surrounded by nature, with huge windows from which to admire the almost motionless outside view.

Instead of opening to the observation of nature, this cabin projected towards the main stage of the festival, overlooking the audience below — at the highest point, the structure was almost 9 meters tall.

Inside, a number wood carvings recalled the design of Absolut Facet, the latest limited edition bottle of the brand.

A broken line of LEDs was chosen to bring out the asymmetrical, hyper-contemporary design of the construction, making it perceivable even in the dark, thus adding another memorable Absolut element in the imagination of the C2C public.

The first real structure by Bellissimo was a major design challenge, able to further enrich the studio's reservoir of skills. We are sure that other architectural projects, equally exciting, will soon follow.

(Picture no. 1 by Kimberley Ross, published on Rolling Stone Italia)

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