Logo and Card

subscription renewal

In 2012 Bellissimo designed the new logo and the visual identity of Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte.

Recognised as a successful innovation in the Italian cultural industry, Abbonamento Musei is the first annual subscription which allows subscribers (over 100,000 people in Piedmont) free access to the museums and the exhibitions in the region.

As the creative partner of the association, Bellissimo also designed the new layout of Abbonamento Musei magazine.

Bellissimo responded to the tender called by the Torino Città Capitale Europea association with an elegant brand identity project, which aims at a strong brand recognition.

The Abbonamento Musei monogram is a lively and catchy icon stemming from elementary shapes, easily adaptable to any communication material.

The card combines the existing graphics elements (the key and the contours of Piedmont) with the new symbol, taking up the lines and colours of the triangles. An object to grow fond of, which will be the protagonist of the communication campaigns.

Contemporary, simple, immediate. Only in 2014, the new museums subscription card came into the hands of more than one hundred thousand Piedmontese.

Luca Ballarini, creative director of Bellissimo, explained: “Abbonamento Musei is one of the hallmarks of our region. For such an important project we wanted to design a quality icon, with a very contemporary two-dimensional effect”.

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