Lettera dei Musei

new look

Bellissimo designed the new version of Lettera dei Musei, Abbonamento Musei’s four-monthly publication for its subscribers.

Lettera dei Musei is the magazine that reaches the many subscribers to the Piedmontese system, with news about museums and exhibitions, latest updates and dedicated offers.

Bellissimo's project took inspiration from the renewed identity of the card, presented in late 2012, incorporating its elegant graphics, shapes and colours.

In line with the studio's approach to publishing projects, the restyling of Lettera dei Musei not only involved its visual aspects but also the content structure, which now features a more orderly division into sections.

The design effort was led towards a contemporary product of greater readability compared to the previous version of the magazine, and focused on the most important news and the images of works and exhibitions, already showing in the cover.

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