Brochure 2021

card and loyalty

Abbonamento Musei renews the story of its cultural model with a new brochure curated by Bellissimo.

It is the confirmation of a long and fruitful relationship that has been going on since 2012.

25 years after the launch of its card, the Abbonamento Musei association is a consolidated reality, which presents itself to the Italian market aware of the success and uniqueness of its offer: a proposal ready to spread again to other regions after Piedmont, Lombardy, Valle d'Aosta.

In the new brochure, the studio translates this authority into greater graphic freedom. The symbolic letters, the A and M of the logo, explode and recombine between the pages: their full shapes move at a pace, dynamically projected to the future.

Blue, the flag colour of the "over-regional" brand, is combined for the first time with black and white photographs, conveying the institutional profile of the activity.

Bellissimo also takes charge of the contents, favouring the immediacy in scanning the topics covered and the clarity of the messages — starting from the impactful "The largest museum in Italy", a slogan created for the 2018 campaign and restyling, which established itself as a brand positioning. 

Abbonamento Musei is preparing for a new phase of development. On several occasions has Bellissimo flanked Abbonamento Musei on the way to affirm itself, from an active service in both Turin and region, to a replicable model in several forms and areas, by taking care of the institutional image and devising various advertising campaigns.

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